Cavities are one of the most common problems people face in their daily life, and are most commonly treated with dental fillings. Cavities occur due to the microbial action on the teeth and are common among individuals of all ages. This happens due to the excessive consumption of sugary foods such as pastries, candies, chocolate, gummy bears, etc. Cavities result from the lack of proper care given to oral health, irregular brushing, flossing of teeth, plaque formation, dry mouth, and certain foods. Cavities can put one’s entire oral health at risk and also ruin the beauty of the person’s smile. If the cavities are small, they can be treated with a simple process called a dental filling by a dentist.


Tooth fillings are formulated to replace decayed or damaged tooth material when the cavity or damage is small. Besides protecting the tooth from further decay and damage and reducing pain for the patient, tooth fillings can help reduce sensitivity by covering the areas that have lost their protective enamel.


Dental Fillings Process

A dental filling consists of removing the decayed and damaged portion of the tooth and filling that area with a filling substance.  Dental fillings can also be carried out on the patient who has a cracked tooth, broken tooth, or worn-out tooth.

The first step in filling a dental cavity is to remove the tooth’s decayed or necrotic parts. The tooth surface is then cleaned or disinfected thoroughly to remove the bacteria. After cleaning the tooth, a tooth-colored filling material (composite filling) is chemically bonded to fill the cavity present in the tooth. The filling material is then hardened permanently using a  special light. A numbing gel and local anesthetic are used to ensure patient comfort before starting this procedure if needed.


What are the different types of Dental Fillings?

The five main types of tooth fillings are:


  • Composite
  • Silver amalgam
  • Glass ionomer
  • Ceramic
  • Gold


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