Emergency Dentistry


Emergencies dealing with our mouth and teeth can be bloody and very painful to go through. If you are currently going through, what you think is a severe dental emergency, call us, Laurence Palmer DDS of Ogden, Utah, immediately! 

Dental emergencies happen at the most inconvenient time, having a dentist and staff that can deliver care quickly and professionally is important, and that’s exactly what we do in our office. There are many types of dental emergencies that one could be experiencing, but different severity stages that require different actions. 

Emergency Dentist Laurence Palmer DDS dentist in Ogden UT Dr. Laurence Palmer

Severe Emergencies

For these emergencies, we strongly urge our patients to contact us almost immediately after the teeth have experienced trauma. In some cases, teeth can be preserved and saved if dealt with promptly. 

Knocked-out Tooth: In our everyday lives we participate in activities that could result in getting a tooth knocked out. If this happens to you, locate the tooth, contact us and come into the office to see if the tooth can be placed back into the mouth. All cases are different, but it is possible depending on the anatomy of the tooth. 

Broken Tooth: Severe breaks that result in half or even less of the tooth being left in the mouth should be seen immediately. Depending on the break the tooth can easily be restored, but other breaks might need serious measures. 

Make an Appointment Emergencies 

Make an appointment, emergencies are also severe but don’t need immediate, right then and there, attention, but they are still our priority. If you or someone in your family is experiencing one of these please call and let us know and we will get you in. 

Toothache: A minor toothache can come from many things, one being, eating hot or cold foods, but in some cases, it does indicate a cavity or decay. Removing cavities early on is best for the tooth to prevent further growth. 

Swollen or Bleeding Gums: Constant gums that are bleeding and swelling are an indication that there is something wrong and should be checked by the dentist.