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Porcelain Crowns

Full Coverage Porcelain Crowns

This patient came to us from another country, here on a school visa, with badly broken-down and patched together front teeth. Back in her home country, she didn’t have access to exceptional dental care like we have here in the United States. Because of her front teeth, she didn’t smile much and wanted to be able to smile again without being embarrassed.

Due to extensive decay on the 2 front teeth, we performed root canals, then did 8 porcelain crowns across the top front teeth. This process took 3 weeks start to finish and the patient was amazed at the final result. We consulted with our dental lab for the best outcome on shape, size, and color. Due to the customization from the dental lab, we were also able to give added length to the patient’s teeth, as her natural teeth were very short, giving her an unnatural smile line.

Full coverage porcelain crowns were the only way to fix the broken-down teeth as there was not enough natural tooth structure left to sustain white composite fillings. Here at Laurence Palmer DDS, we Change Lives One Smile at A Time and utilize the talented professionals at our dental lab in cases involving porcelain crowns.

Before & After Cosmetic Fillings

A patient came to us with a rather large gap between his two front teeth, also known as a diastema. These gaps or spaces can happen anywhere in the mouth but are most noticeable between the top two front teeth. In children, the gaps usually disappear when the permanent teeth grow in fully, but sometimes adults struggle with this as well. Braces or Invisalign can be used to close the gap, but that solution can take many months.

This patient lives out of state and was only in town for a few days, so a quick solution was required to close the gap. Dr. Palmer carefully placed white composite filling material on each of the two front teeth to close the gap evenly. This procedure only took about 30 minutes and the results exceeded the patient’s expectations. The patient was able go back to his home state with no more gap! If you have a gap in your front teeth, give us a call to schedule a consultation.

We can review the options between Invisalign, white composite fillings, or even porcelain crowns. At Laurence Palmer DDS, we Change Lives One Smile at A Time.

Filling Before & After

A patient came to us with a badly broken down front lateral tooth. This tooth has had many composite white fillings in the past and requires a full porcelain crown to give full functionality back. The reason this tooth broke in the first place is because it had so many fillings, which as a result weakened the tooth due to lack of natural tooth structure. As a temporary fix, we patched the tooth together with a composite white filling material that is esthetic, but not long lasting. A full porcelain crown is still required to fully fix this tooth but for now, the patient can walk out of our office smiling again because the tooth is no longer broken. At Laurence Palmer DDS, we Change Lives One Smile at A Time.