2020 Dental New Years Resolutions

Out with the old, In with the new

2020 is a brand new year for brand new resolutions. Consider making your oral health part of your list of new year resolutions.

Tips and tricks


Brush after every meal… or twice per day at minimum (when you wake up and before bed). Your toothbrush should be changed every 3 months to prevent frayed bristles and you should use a soft bristle toothbrush to avoid abrasive damage to your gums. Alternatives to manual brushing? The OralB Electronic Toothbrush! Most of our employees have completely replaced with their manual toothbrush with an electronic OralB. So many different tips for many different purposes. Don’t forget to replace the head of the OralB every 3 months! You should be brushing for a full 2 minutes each time you brush. It’s easy to keep track of time with an OralB! It lets you know each time 30 seconds has passed with a succession of quick vibrations. 


Floss after every meal… or once per day at minimum (before bed). Alternatives to flossing? Soft picks! Many of our employees have completely replaced floss with soft picks and they are a popular choice for our patients.

Struggle with staining?

Not only should you floss and brush after every meal, but with drinking anything prone to staining such as dark soda’s, coffee, dark wines, or tea, you can swish around some water in your mouth once you’re done consuming those dark liquids so they aren’t settling on your teeth. Need an extra whitening boost? Consider stopping by to grab some Opalescence Whitening Go-Trays or Opalescence Whitening Toothpaste! 

Bi-annual cleanings:

Remember that a large portion of keeping your teeth clean and white is a bi-annually visit to one of our Dental Hygienists so they can clean away that grime and stain. While you’re at it, Dr. Palmer will take an in-depth look at your mouth to ensure it is in healthy condition. 

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