Dental crowns are one of the most reliable and versatile dental restorations that can help when the damage to a person’s teeth is severe and apparently beyond repair. Crowns can be used for various cosmetic and restorative dental purposes and can be used to permanently repair many severe dental problems.

Crowns are cap-like structures that are made from a dental-grade tooth-colored ceramic material that helps restore damaged teeth.  They are cemented onto an existing tooth, and they become the tooth’s new outer structure by covering the portion of the teeth above the gum line.

A crown is used to restore severely broken or decayed teeth that cannot be fixed using fillings.  A crown is also used to seal the tooth after a root canal procedure to prevent it from breaking. A few years ago, crowns were made from metals like gold, silver, amalgam, etc., but dental-grade ceramic has replaced it now. Since crowns are made from dental-grade ceramic, they can be customized to mimic the appearance of natural teeth.

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Advantages of crowns

Crowns offer the following advantages:

  • Crowns are made from highly durable material, ensuring that they last long without any hassle.
  • Crowns protect teeth from any form of damage by covering the tooth entirely.
  • Since it is made from highly-customizable dental-grade ceramic, it can be personalized as per the patient’s requirement.
  • Crowns are simple restorations that require just a couple of visits to the dentist’s practice.
  • Since crowns can mimic the appearance of natural teeth perfectly, they are virtually invisible.
  • Crowns help replace missing teeth and prevent further damage to already compromised teeth.
  • Crowns provide support to misshapen or broken teeth.
  • Crowns cap off a dental implant.


What treatment procedures are crowns used for?

Crowns can be used to treat the following oral conditions:

  • Worn-out teeth: Bruxism or night-time teeth grinding and subconscious clenching of the jaw can cause excessive teeth wear. Crowns can help to restore such teeth to their ideal shape.
  • Weak teeth:Teeth that are extremely weak, such as after undergoing root canal therapy, could easily get cracked or broken under high forces because of the lack of nourishment to the teeth. A crown can hold such teeth intact and prevent damage.
  • Broken or cracked teeth: Teeth that have sustained damage and have suffered from fractures or cracks can cause severe pain. If left untreated, the excess damage may even lead to teeth extraction. Placing a crown helps to restore such teeth to their appropriate functional and structural state.
  • Chipped or misshapen teeth:Chipped or naturally out-of-shape teeth can be treated by getting a crown to cover the tooth to have a long-lasting solution.


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