Ogden Dentist to Care For Your Smile

Your first visit to our dental office in Ogden will be enjoyable and positive. We will allow you ample time to ask questions or tell us about any concerns you may have. As a dentist in Ogden, Utah, Dr. Palmer will go over your expectations – your visit should be comfortable and educational.

We specialize in everything related to mouth construction: from veneers to bridges, we are committed to making our client’s mouths beautiful.

Whatever your desire or need, Dr. Laurence Palmer and his team will take all the time necessary to ensure your visit at Wasatch Dental is a pleasant one.

If you live in OgdenHarrisvilleSouth Ogden or the surrounding areas, visit our Ogden dental office for all of your dental needs. We focus on making your visit comfortable. To this end we have a modern facility with state-of-the-art technology.


Professional teeth cleaning constitute an important part of a regular dental checkup or hygiene appointment.


A dental filling consists of removing the decayed and damaged portion of the tooth and filling that area with a filling substance.  Dental fillings can also be carried out on the patient who has a cracked tooth, broken tooth, or worn-out tooth.


Dental bridges are the simplest prosthetics that help to restore an extracted tooth. In most cases, they are made from tooth-colored ceramic material and are custom-fabricated in a dental laboratory.